A visualisation of a virus.Please note that we do not have online appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations. Call 3254 1400 or come in to the clinic to make an appointment.

Currently we are only administering the AstraZeneca vaccine. We are hoping to receive the Pfizer sometime in August/September.

The Pfizer vaccine is the preferred vaccine for people under 60.

Under the new arrangements, access to the AsraZeneca vaccine is being expanded to adults under 40, provided they give informed consent.

People aged 18 – 39 may choose to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine after the appropriate individual risk-benefit analysis and consent process.

If you are under 60, and you would like to receive the AsxtraZeneca vaccine, then please make an appointment with your GP to discuss your suitability.

There is an Eligibility Checker on the Department of Health website that you can check to see your are eligibility.  Vaccination is voluntary but strongly encouraged.

The Covid Clinic.
Covid vaccines will be available during a special out-of-hours clinic that will run from 5pm to 7pm Monday to Thursday nights. Due to vaccine scarcity during this phase, you may not be able to receive a COVID vaccine during a consultation and you will need to attend the after-hours clinic.

How may I book?
You can book by visiting the practice or calling the practice on 3254 1400.

To minimise wastage SMS appointment reminders will be sent out and we will phone you on the day of your vaccination to confirm your appointment for that evening.

On the night
Unless you are a patient of ours you will need to provide evidence of your eligibility and/or informed consent for the vaccine when you arrive.

a needle in a vial of vaccineThe appointment
Verbal or written consent is required before you can have the vaccination. If you are unable to verbally consent a paper form needs to be completed prior to going in to see the GP. Consent forms will be available on our website, and in print form at reception.

Once vaccinated, will need to wait in the clinic until 15 minutes has elapsed for observation.

Our receptionist will book you in for your second dose before you leave.

The vaccine needs 2 doses ideally 12 weeks apart, but they can be given as close as 8 weeks apart. Current advice is you should have a minimum of seven days between the COVID vaccination and a flu vaccination.

The receptionist can also print out a report to prove you have had the vaccination if you need it for work purposes etc.

Please note: This is not a doctor’s appointment. You will not be able to discuss anything other than the vaccine. If you need to see a doctor for any reason, you will need to make an appointment during normal clinic hours.

What does it cost?
The vaccine is government funded for all citizens, permanent residents and most visa holders.

The vaccine is also provided free for residents who are not Medicare eligible – ask our receptionist for more information , and they can get their vaccination at a Respiratory Clinic for no cost

Covid vaccination clinic appointments are bulk billed so there is no charge to patients.

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