Ear Wax Removal/Microsuction

Ear canals can be cleaned using a technique known as ear microsuction. With the aid of a microscope and a very fine sterile suction device an experienced general practitioner will gently and safely remove any wax or debris blocking the ear canal.

This procedure is a very well tolerated by the majority of people, gives you fast results and is more effective than the traditional wax removal methods. Cleaning out ears under an ENT microscope is generally well tolerated, safe and efficacious. It also has the advantage of not exposing the ear to water / moisture and is associated with a lower frequency of infections (compared to traditional ear syringing).

The procedure takes between 15 minutes and half an hour, depending on whether both ears are being treated.

Please book to see have your ears assessed and cleaned by our doctors using an ENT microscope.  We strongly suggest that you use Ear Clear (Carbamide Peroxide) or Waxsol or similar wax softening drops for 2 to 3 days before ear suction as this aids in softening the wax, thereby making it easier to remove.

Please do not use if you suspect your ear drum is perforated or if discharge is present. Do not use if there is pain or if ear surgery has been performed within the past 6 weeks.

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