Iron Infusions and Venesections

a hand with a canula placed in the wristManagement of Iron Deficiency

We offer a rapid iron infusion service, with the use of Ferinject, for the management of Iron Deficiency Anaemia. Ferinject is a special type of iron preparation given through a needle into a vein over 20 minutes, and requires you to stay for observation for a further 30 minutes.

Rarely (in under 1% of cases) it can cause mild allergic reactions. Ferinject is not a blood product (therefore is suitable for Jehovah’s Witnesses), and does not have the risks of blood transfusion.  It is also considered safe to use after the first trimester of pregnancy (when benefits outweigh risks) and during breast feeding.

The doctor will meet with you to discuss the procedure and make sure it is the right choice for you and then an appointment will be scheduled shortly afterwards to have the infusion


Before the venesection is carried out your doctor/nurse will explain the procedure to you and ask you a few questions regarding your medical history. Please notify your nurse if you have ever experienced fainting when giving blood or having blood tests.

A needle is used to insert a cannula into your vein. The cannula is secured into position with tape. A bag is connected to the cannula for the purpose of collecting the blood. Bloodletting (withdrawing of blood) is not a painful process. The pain that may be felt during this procedure is when the needle initially punctures the site but that does subside.  It generally takes approximately 15-30 minutes to drain 450 mls of blood.

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