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Implanon is a single, flexible sub-dermal implant which is 4cm x 2mm in size and contains 68mg of a synthetic progestogen called etonogestrel. It is designed to be inserted under local anaesthetic directly under the skin of the inner aspect of the non-dominant upper arm.
The implant releases approximately 40 micrograms of etonogestrel/day which inhibits ovulation by suppressing the LH surge, increases viscosity of cervical mucus, reducing sperm penetration & motility and provides effective contraception for 3 years.
It is effective immediately if inserted during day 1-5 of the patient’s menstrual cycle. At any other time in the cycle it is important to be certain that you are not be pregnant and alternative contraception should be used for seven days after insertion.

It can be inserted with immediate effectiveness in women:

  • On combined oral contraceptive
  • On Depo Provera before next injection due
  • After termination of pregnancy

It is a highly effective, convenient contraceptive method provided it is inserted correctly at the correct time of the menstrual cycle.
Removal of Implanon after correct insertion is a simple procedure under local anaesthetic. After removal, etonogestrel levels fall rapidly and are undetectable after a week and the majority of women will ovulate in the first month.

Dr Leon Kondos and Dr Abha Chikarsal offer both insertion and removal of Implanon. You will need to arrange an appointment with your doctor to discuss whether this method of contraception is right for you before having the procedure performed.

Mirena IUD

Mirena is a soft, flexible Intrauterine System (IUS) that releases small amounts of hormone locally into your uterus. It provides birth control that lasts for up to 5 years.

Mirena also offers the following benefits:
More than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy
You can try to become pregnant as soon as Mirena is removed. Within a year of having Mirena removed, about 8/10 women succeed at becoming pregnant
Proven to reduce heavy periods
Suitable for most women of all ages and at all stages of life, even into the menopausal transition.

Intrauterine Copper IUD

The copper IUD is a small T-shaped device made of plastic with copper wire wrapped around it. It is inserted into the uterus not the vagina, which means neither you or your partner should feel it while having sex.

Once inserted it provides very reliable and effective protection against pregnancy for five to ten years, depending on the type chosen.

Copper IUDs work by releasing copper ions, which kill sperm, and by preventing fertilised eggs from implanting in the uterus – which means they are a non-hormonal form of contraception.

They can also be used as an emergency contraception, as an alternative to the morning after pill, within five days of unprotected intercourse.

The copper IUD is a highly effective type of contraception (99.2% typical use, 99.4% perfect use).

The most common side effects are heavier, more painful or prolonged periods. Some women might also experience light spotting between periods, especially in the first few months after insertion. In most cases these side effects usually improve with time.

See your doctor to discuss whether Mirena or Copper IUD would be a good choice for you.

Dr Michael Horwood and Dr Abha Chikarsal are available for removal and insertion of Mirena and Dr Michael Horwood also does removal and insert of the copper


Insertion Clinics are run with Nurse support and there is currently minimal waiting time.
All you need to do is phone our friendly reception staff on (07) 3254 1400 to book a pre-assessment appointment. The doctor will meet with you to discuss the procedure and make sure it is the right choice for you and then an appointment will be scheduled shortly afterwards to have the Mirena or IUD inserted.

Sexual Health

Sexual health involves many things: Knowing about your body and how it works; understanding the physical, social and emotional changes that come with puberty, pregnancy and ageing; keeping yourself and others safe; and finding information and support when things go wrong, such as an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection.

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